Leona Valley Town Council


California Water Service Company has filed their General Rate Case which will determine our rates for 2018 and the next two years.  To read their application to the CPUC go here:  https://www.calwater.com/docs/iip/2018/2018_infrastructure_improvement_plan_(iip)_application_(grc).pdf.  If you don't want to read the whole document, here is a summary:  Under their proposal, rates in our district would go down about 4% the first year and then increase about 2% for the next two years.  An average bill would see very little change over the next three years.


The State of California has passed legislation known as the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) for the purpose of monitoring and regulating the use of groundwater.  They will identify the sources of groundwater and impose fees to help conserve it.  The Department of Water Resources has established a program to implement the SGMA by requiring the formation of Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSA).

The County of Los Angeles has formed GSAs for the areas of Leona Valley, Lake Hughes, and Acton.  These areas are considered fringe basins as they are on the edge of the Antelope Valley Basin.  That major basin was the subject of a lengthy adjudication process which resulted in the formation of a Water Board which will monitor the use of groundwater in the Antelope Valley.

The County submited a request to the State to designate the fringe basins as low priority.  This eliminates the need for monitoring and consequent fees.  As of July, 2018, the State issued a new draft map which changed the designation for Antelope Valley, including Leona Valley, to very low priority rather than high priority.  This means no regulation of wells in our area under the SGMA plan.  The draft map has been finalized with Leona Valley designated as very low priority.