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The Ritter Ranch developers gave a presentation to the Palmdale City Council on June 18, 2019, regarding their updated proposal for the project.

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The Board of Supervisors granted our appeal and put an end to 10 years of fighting to keep tract homes out of Leona Valley.  Our residents want to keep the rural character of our community intact and will continue to protect and defend our lifestyle.

July 2016 Update

Leona Valley Town Council filed an appeal in May from the decision of the Regional Planning Commission to allow Valley Vineyards an unlimited amount of time to continue working on their project.  A hearing on the appeal is scheduled for Tuesday, July 26, at 9:30 a.m. in Los Angeles. 

December 2015 Update

Valley vineyards was granted a 6 month extension.

Unofficial Transcript of Dec 2, 2015 Meeting: http://lacdrp.granicus.com/DocumentViewer.php?file=lacdrp_f4a4b501c58fd2200a676fe36885b467.pdf&view=1 
Watch the video: http://lacdrp.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=1&clip_id=356
LA county Regional Planning web page for Valley Vineyards data: http://planning.lacounty.gov/case/view/project_no._tr066952-5/8/17/15 UPDATE

An appeal was filed by the applicant to the Regional Planning Commission.  A hearing date has not been set.

8/4/15 UPDATE

The Hearing Officer denied the Valley Vineyards project for inactivity.  The owner asked for another 90 day extension, but the Hearing Officer said that, based on their past record, she was not optimistic that another 90 days would show any results.  The owners have until Monday, August 17 to file an appeal with the Regional Planning Commission.  This is the same board that previously denied the project in 2011.

7/15/15 UPDATE

A hearing is scheduled before a Hearing Officer on August 4, 2015, at 9:00 a.m.  The recommendation from Regional Planning staff is to deny the project for inactivity.  The Town Council has submitted a letter supporting the denial and will appear at the hearing to argue for that position.  The developer has done nothing since the March 9 Town Council meeting despite promises to come back with a new design based on the comments of the community.

Update as of 11/11/14

Regional Planning scheduled several hearings over the past year for the purpose of denying the Valley Vineyards project based on their lack of activity on the project since it was referred back by the Board of Supervisors.  Each time a hearing was scheduled, the developer met with Regional Planning and promised to make progress, so the hearing would be delayed again.  Most recently, Valley Vineyards filed a new tract map with the result that the denial hearing was canceled.

The new tract map removed the vineyards and gates, but changed very little otherwise.  They are now proposing to add condominiums in addition to 85 single family residences.  They did not work with the LVTC as they had been ordered to do.  The new tract maps can be seen on the Regional Planning website.

Below are the links to the Regional Planning website, case information page for the Valley Vineyards Tract Homes:


Case Info Page: http://planning.lacounty.gov/case/view/project_no._tr066952-5/
October 23, 2012


At the October 23rd Board of Supervisor's meeting, Supervisor Antonovich's motion to return the Valley Vineyards tract project to the Regional Planning Department was approved. This approval was despite the objection of the Leona Valley Town Council.  Valley Vineyards had appealed the denial of their project by the Regional Planning Commission 15 months ago.  In their appeal, the developers asked to be allowed to redesign the project to satisfy the concerns of Regional Planning and the community.  No progress had been made since the appeal was filed. Approval of the motion effectively granted the developer's appeal.

The Leona Valley Town Council was not notified that the motion was being made even though their interest in the project is well known to the Supervisor's office.  When LVTC discovered the motion and contacted the Supervisor's office they were given the impression it was a "done deal" and told not to bother appearing at the hearing to object as no comments would be heard.  LVTC sent an email to all 5 of the supervisors expressing their concerns to which they received no response.

In January, 2012, Valley Vineyards threatened to barricade Lost Valley Ranch Road, claiming that the residents who lived on that street did not have an ingress/egress easement.  As a result, there had been several assurances from county staff that the Supervisor would not support the project so long as the easement issue remained unresolved.  Nevertheless, Supervisor Antonovich put this motion on the agenda without notifying the Leona Valley community.

June 29, 2011
On June 29, 2011, the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commissioners, in a 3 to 2 vote denied the Tract Home Development known as Valley Vineyards.  35 Leona Valley Residents attended the Meeting.  The Developer has filed an appeal to the LA County Board of Supervisors.
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