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Leona Valley was the first community to enact a Community Standards District back in 1989.  The Town Council did not even exist yet, so the preparation of the CSDs was done by the Leona Valley Improvement Association, primarily Mary Ann Floyd.  She put together a small booklet of over 20 pages to convince L.A. County of the necessity of protecting our rural lifestyle.  She was so successful that most rural areas in the unincorporated county now have CSDs.  Click here to see her presentation, which is a nice walk down memory lane in 1989 and includes some great old photos of Leona Valley.

Map of Leona Valley Community Standards District below.

Leona Valley Town Council

Los Angeles Regional Planning is in the process of preparing new and revised CSDs for all of the Antelope Valley Rural Town Councils.  They have designed a new website to make it easier for everyone to be a part of the process.  You can find all their information here:

‚ÄčIf you have concerns or ideas about how our community should look, there are multiple ways you can communicate to the County through their website.  They even have a map where you can click on particular addresses to indicate likes or dislikes.  They have links to our existing CSDs, as well as our new proposed CSD which the Town Council has worked on for the past ten years.